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Boss Mother: Robin Barnes Casey

Boss Mother: Robin Barnes Casey

By AnaMaria Bech

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Name: Robin Barnes Casey
As Robin got older and mainstream music began to take hold, she began to marry the old and the new to create her own unique blend of funky jazz, soul and R&B. By captivating audiences with her renditions of popular songs and contemporary classics, she makes each song her own.
She’s appeared on ESPN, BET, NCIS and more. She has also been featured in publications like Forbes, Southwest Magazine, Travel & Leisure, Marie Claire and Southern Living. In addition to being an award winning music artist, she’s also one of the city of New Orleans’ biggest ambassadors and influencers, and has been featured in the press for the fitness movement she founded, Move Ya Brass. She proudly carries the official distinction of the “Songbird of New Orleans.” “Songbird of New Orleans.”

Tell me about your experience with motherhood?
Motherhood has been such a new experience in love. I thought that music was my only love until I became a mother, and now every day I wake up and there is like this little person smiling at me. It just gives me a whole new meaning of love and happiness.

How is being a mom with a career like yours that demands non-traditional work schedules?
Balancing being a mother and being a musician full-time is difficult because I work at night and my baby sleeps at night, so I must make sure that everything is in order before I go to work. At the same time when she’s a new-born, she’s going through her new sleeping patterns and that requires like all-day, all-night, so it is exhausting to be a mommy and be attentive all-day-long, and then gig from 9 PM until 1 AM.

So how do you find that balance?
Honestly, I’m learning how to nap. I never napped before this. I was a go-getter, hustler, all-day, 24 hours, 7 days a week…. Now I nap. But at the same time scheduling is so important. You have to make sure that you take time for yourself and take care of yourself.

What are your thoughts about being a boss mom?
I will say being a working mom is a challenge, but I have so much more respect for all the moms who have 9-to-5 jobs, and those who are working as single mothers. Anyone who is a single mom, or a single dad, who is doing it by themselves… I don’t know how you do it! I am so grateful for my husband because our baby is a balancing act, but as a mom, I feel there is so much more responsibility on our plate. We just need to remember that we don’t have to be perfect. It’s a learning experience the entire time. The main thing I’ve learned is to be humbler and to enjoy more the moment.
You are dealing with being a new mom during an unprecedented time. A time when musicians and many gig workers are struggling. What are your thoughts on this?
As a musician, going through this pandemic has been extremely stressful because I have lost my entire income and my entire livelihood. I did everything right. I made sure I had savings, I have a Master’s in business, so I kept my business organized, but you couldn’t really prepare for what is happening now, so now it’s a balancing of what do you do? How do you survive? Because if you can’t work, yet your bills are continuously coming, how do you make that happen? I have started Monday night streaming and I’m so grateful because my fans are able to tip and donate, and even though it’s not much, it helps pay the bills and helps pay for groceries, and it helps pay the light bill. During this time, human love and generosity have not only been surprising to me, but it shows that we are all in this together because everyone is connected. It’s really about the connection more than anything else.

Have you found anything positive during these difficult times?
There is some positive to all this. I am very fortunate because now I have more time to be with my baby and my husband. I’m not able to see my parents because we want to keep them safe, but I really do cherish this precious time. I know that this is something special. Not every parent gets to have this one-on-one time, all-day-long watching those first few months of your baby grow. It’s about the littlest things, like today, she rolled over. I did not know that would be the coolest thing ever! Every day is something new and it’s something great. Now when she says “mama,” I will be so happy, but I have a feeling she might say “dada” first.

What do you say to all those who are struggling right now?
First, there is such a range of people that are affected by this virus, like the people you know who have lost someone. Currently, I have a relative who is sick, and his kidneys are failing. He is on a ventilator and he’s only 43 years old. From people being ill to not being able to see our family, to people who are struggling financially, to those who are struggling emotionally and mentally. I say this in all my shows on Monday: You’re not alone, you are special, we will get through this together. If you need someone, reach out. The people who are doing OK, reach out to your friends, check in on people. We are going to be fine; we are going to be stronger from this as mankind. I hope that we are more compassionate and empathetic after going through this, and I think that is the best thing in life. As we see things happen, we know it can only get better, so let’s be together in a sense of love and support.

What message do you have for other mothers?
To all mommies in the world: You are amazing, you are strong, you are fearless. I appreciate you. We are awesome, and our babies are better human beings for us in their lives!

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