By Marcella Escarfuller

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I cringe a little every time I hear the term “superfood,” (i.e., a sexier term for “healthy”), but I do believe in superfoods. Not in the way that five-year-olds believe in superheroes and unicorns, but in the simple fact that there are certain foods that distinguish themselves from others because of their nutritional value. If food could be personified, these would be the most genetically blessed individuals to ever swim in an Olympic-sized pool full of gold-plated hundred-dollar bills. And with summer upon us, everyone wants to look and feel that good. Hence these four “super” foods to the rescue:



Considering it’s one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, salmon is also one of the more affordable proteins out there. For the low average price of $12 per pound, you get more than a day’s worth of vitamin D, which promotes bone health, and omega-3 fatty acids to help support memory, eyesight, and skin health.

Local Pick: Salmon Lafitte, Superior Seafood


Fats are our friends. Our bodies need certain fats to help us maintain healthy cholesterol levels and a healthy heart. Lucky for us, avocados are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which help protect against inflammation and heart disease. They’re also high in fiber, vitamin C and potassium. And they’re delicious. Nothing but upside.

Local Pick: Ceviche Nikkei, Tito’s Ceviche & Pisco  



Walking into the grocery store these days is hard to do without getting slapped in the face with the fact that BERRIES ARE RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS, which help reduce the amount of free radicals in the body. Lower amounts of free radicals in the body means less simultaneously concurrent oxidative stress. Let me save you from Googling all of that: antioxidants slow down the visible effects of aging.

Local Pick: Citron de Fuego, Citronola


All eggs are golden. One egg has only 75 calories, seven grams of protein, is low in saturated fat, and rich in iron, choline, lutein, carotenoids and other vitamins and minerals. Basically, it has all the nutrients we need in one little round package. As far as superfoods go, that’s tough to beat.

Local Pick: Eggs Benedict from The Ruby Slipper

Superfoods are “super” for a reason – they keep your body clean and healthy. But everything you hear about superfoods should be taken with a grain of salt. Despite what experts would have you believe, nutrition is not an exact science. There are far too many variables to keep track of, and many nutritional studies contradict each other. It’s important to do your research, and it can get confusing. The good news is, more often than not, your body tells you exactly what it needs. And as long as you remember what your mama taught you – everything in moderation – you’ll be just fine.

Marcella Escarfuller



Louisiana / New Orleans

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