Top Five Latin Restaurants on the Northshore

Top Five Latin Restaurants on the Northshore

By Dayhanna Velandia

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Find about the top five Latin restaurants that have earned a great appreciation by the community North of Lake Pontchartrain. Visit the Northshore and be surprised by its charming tranquility and good Latin cuisine.


  1. EL Paso

Close to its second year in Mandeville, El Paso Mexican Restaurant has been characterized not only by being a franchise that is synonymous with authentic Mexican food in Louisiana, but also because of its comfortable atmosphere that makes it really special for families who visit. The best-selling dishes range from the appetizers, like the freshly-made guacamole and their unique cheese and bean dips, to main entrees, like the Fajitas and the Carne Asada. The latter are served steaming at the table, providing guests with a multi-sensorial experience of sight, smell, and of course, taste that leaves one’s palate with an explosive display of flavors. The House Margarita made with Blue Sauza tequila and the Organic Margarita enhance the menu. For sweets’ lovers, the generous portions of desserts, such as the Tres Leches, complement the whole experience. Patrons recognize this place for its traditional decoration, its cozy atmosphere, and its friendly and prompt service. We give first place to El Paso because it is part of a chain of restaurants known for the owners’ desire to preserve family tradition by keeping an authentic Mexican flavor.

  1. La Carreta

With more than 12 locations, mostly north of Lake Pontchartrain, this giant is always characterized by its colorful menu and festive atmosphere. The delicious menu includes salads, ceviche like no other, in addition to the Pollo Loco and Barbacoa Tacos. The tortilla soup and the cheese dip are always delicious. A restaurant that maintains its locations impeccably while preserving a party atmosphere is never to be missed.

  1. Habanero’s

 With two locations, this restaurant has positioned "La Chingona" as one of the best margaritas of the Northshore. This place has been a favorite among lovers of good Latin American cocktails because of its varied selection of Tequila and Mezcal. The tacos have a combination of unique flavors that go hand in hand with the modern concept of the restaurant that is also shown through its lighting and decor.

  1. Carreta’s Grill

Carreta’s Grill remains dear to this area’s residents. One of the dishes that you cannot miss is the Chile Ranchero, a stuffed pepper that isn’t breaded, but instead filled with queso fresco with a strip of carne asada and caramelized onions and topped with ranchero sauce and Carreta’s Cheese Dip. If you are looking for healthier options, you can get a tasty Taco Salad. The consistent delicious seasoning has kept this chain as one of the favorites of the Northshore.

  1. Empataco

A mix of Colombian food and other Latin foods makes this place a great compromise. In their two locations, one in Mandeville and one in Madisonville, you can find Colombian crispy empanadas, Bandeja Paisa and stuffed arepas, and also Peruvian Lomo Saltado (sautéed tenderloin tips), plus a wide selection of tacos and Central American dishes, which allow patrons to explore a Latin American food tour in one place.

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