Cool your mood and keep your productivity with a S.O.D.A.

Cool your mood and keep your productivity with a S.O.D.A.

By Carolina Lozada

Click aqui para español- >¿Te ha pasado que un evento externo o una combinación de ellos puede llegar a “dañarte” el día?

Have you experienced one or a couple of external situations that have ruined your day?

You cannot always control what happens around you. However, you can always control how you respond to the situation and therefore you can control and keep being productive.

The following method is based on neuroscience and can be very helpful when you feel that your mood is starting to go from a good to a not so good mood. It’s known as S.O.D.A., which stands for Stop, Observe, Detach, and Act. It has been proven effective, and takes only 1 minute to put in practice. You and your body will thank you for it.


Stop for a moment and...

If you are sitting in a meeting, move your body slightly from front to back.

If it’s conversation on the phone, walk.

Drink a glass of water.

Observe: the situation as if you were outside it to gain perspective and rationality.

Detach: The emotions associated with the event like frustration, sadness

Act: Take the most convenient actions to adapt or manage the event.

The objective of these actions is to send a different signal to the brain and distract it from the “getting angry” signal. A sudden change of mood is interpreted by the brain as a threat, so it sends a message to your whole body of “fight or flight”, which reduces your ability to make rational decisions and increases impulsivity.

Consequently, in the short term, you will lose much of your physical and mental energy feeling literally as if you had been in a physical fight. This leaves you exhausted, which takes recovery time and affects your productivity. A long term consequence is that, you are at risk of saying or doing something that you will regret later once the event has passed.

Carolina Lozada

Writer/ Escritora Lead up


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Publisher's Note

There is an idea that most Latino immigrants who come here lack education, and thus are bound to perform jobs that require more physical abilities than intellectual ones.

The laborers usually receive a negative stigma, even though the United States society requires these types of jobs to function properly. It is important to us to remember there is dignity in any job. 

In our Líders section, we feature Mari Alejos-Puente, an entrepreneur who is succeeding in the cosmetics’ industry. She graduated from Tulane University and Xavier University and she told me how her mother and her grandmother  were part of the cleaning crews at these institutions, respectively, and how proud they were to see her obtain her undergrad and master degrees.

It is a beautiful thing when you know ladies like this mother and grandmother work hard to give a better life to their children. I wanted to mention this as a side note, because it is important to highlight their efforts, just as much as the effort of the highly skilled professionals we are featuring in our cover story.

In our cover we feature three Latin American physicians who are giving individuals a second chance in life with through their commitment and work at the Ochsner Transplant Institute.

Let his note be a reminder that Latinos, in every field, are providing their skills, talent, and sacrifices every day to make the United States a culturally and economically stronger society.