IKIGAI. What’s your reason for getting up each morning?

IKIGAI. What’s your reason for getting up each morning?

By Carolina Lozada

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How did you feel this morning when you began your day? What was your reason for getting up each morning? The Japanese have the term IKIGAI, which roughly translates into a "reason for being," encompassing joy and a sense of purpose and meaning and a feeling of wellbeing. Iki means life and gai means realization of hopes and expectations. IKIGAI is applicable to the small details of daily life, as well as to long-term goals and accomplishments.

So, let me ask you: Is the reason you woke up this morning a source of joy in your days? Does your motivation make you wake up even before your alarm goes off?

Look at the images below. Observe each one of them, taking your time to find the answer to each IKIGAI element.

Element 1. What you love to do HEAD IN SAND

Element 2. What you are good at PERSON BIG LAUGH

Element 3. What the world needs JIRAFFE

Element 4. What you get paid for HAND IN DOUGH

Bet on yourself and do what you love doing! Be dedicated and share your talent with others and you will start to see money will follow. If you are doing things driven only by money, that may be the reason you often feel tired, lethargic and with lack of motivation

Carolina Lozada

Writer/ Escritora Lead up


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