Is Leadership Only for Those in the Workforce and in Management Positions?

Is Leadership Only for Those in the Workforce and in Management Positions?

By Carolina Lozada

Click aqui para español- >¿Es cierto que el liderazgo es solo para las personas que trabajan y/o que están en altos cargos?

Nowadays, there are leadership concepts that seem to be exclusive to those in the workforce, but overall these concepts are useful to everyone.

The reality is that the courses and classes are geared towards people in positions in management because of a marketing strategy that assumes these employees are the ones with the money to invest in learning these strategies.


Here at VIVA NOLA Magazine, we understand leadership is necessary for all aspects in life, and we offer this “Lead up” section as our commitment to offer information and tools for everybody in any role in life. A leader could be someone at a school, at a market, within their own household, or in a place of employment, but a leader is most necessary in everyone’s own life.

Let’s think about school. You usually remember that one teacher who really wanted you to learn, the one who was calm, and the one you could tell was enjoying what he or she was doing. This teacher was inspiring you to learn and made his particular subject interesting and meaningful to you.

You most likely liked that class the most because the teacher was able to convey a love and an interest for his job. Some of the traits displayed by the teacher are found in leadership traits.

There is a model of leadership that has lasted over time called “The Extraordinary Leader.

This model was created by Zenger Folkman, a global company dedicated to leadership training, and its founders describe this model as a simple, scientifically validated model to achieve greater achievements.


The Extraordinary Leader is based on 16 competencies that distinguish 10 percent of the best leaders worldwide. These competencies are grouped into 5 dimensions, which we show in the graph.

The good news is that anyone can develop or strengthen these dimensions and doing so can make everybody exceptional in the different roles of life.

Pathfinder, a business and personal development coaching company, and VIVA NOLA have partnered to offer a master class, at the end of June, to identify your strengths within the five pillars of The Extraordinary Leader and what you can do to develop them.

For more details about the master class, e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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