The Organization/Happiness Connection

The Organization/Happiness Connection

By Carolina Lozada

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We frequently hold many conversations that include productivity and organization. When talking about organization, usually your mind refers to having your work or home organized. However, organization can have more transcendental effects. Beyond knowing where to find an object, organization can help reduce stress, increase happiness and help your brain get some rest.

Studies have determined that, in general, a poorly organized life produces a tiredness effect and diminishes creativity, since the brain interprets information as confusion. Some things you can implement quickly, and inexpensively to become more organized are:

Keep a calendar

For appointments, meetings, celebrations:

Keep a calendar on you. Whether you keep it on your cell phone or a physical agenda, take note and record your commitments to prevent conflicts with your schedule. Make sure you include personal time and with your loved ones. Ah! And always before committing to an event, check your calendar first!

Focus on what brings you joy

For your belongings: In addition to the method of defining a place for everything and putting everything in its place, we suggest you read the KonMary method of the Japanese organizational coach, Marie Kondo. Her method consists of several steps, but in a few words, it focuses on discarding any article that no longer generate happiness. The book costs less than $10 and it’s short. After applying this method, I was surprised that there were so many things that I had that had completed their cycle and after getting rid of them, I have felt better and relaxed when at home.  Perhaps it is the effect of being surrounded only by things that make me happy.

Plan your meals

For your meal: Plan for the week. Include a simple and flexible plan for your family. You will save time and money by having what you need to cook in your cupboard, and you will avoid throwing away food that you bought and got damaged.

Play it in your favor! Increase your happiness, get the most benefit of a better organized life!

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