Android vs. iOS

Android vs. iOS

By the I.T. Guy

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In today’s world, a smartphone is a necessity. One cannot be without it, as our lives have become dependent on the daily updates and information we receive through our smart devices. There are two major operating systems. One is the iOS created by Apple and the other is Android owned by Google. Android is open source which means it is a free software for anyone to use. iOS is closed source and can only be used with devices manufactured by Apple.

The two systems compete with each other, although they are very different. iOS is a custom operating system that works exclusively with Apple devices. On top of that, iOS is optimized for each particular device and model where it is installed, which allows for full use of the devices’ resources. Android, on the other hand, can be installed on any device that supports it, which makes it a more versatile software that many different brands can use, although its performance is more limited.

Here are some differences in the two systems:


Optimized for specific device

No viruses

Apps from Apple AppStore Only

Modification only through jailbreak

Limited customization

Stable OS

Constant updates

Free SMS between iOS devices

Free audio and video calls between iOS devices (natively)

Building Apps for iOS is a tedious process

Devices are costly



Can be installed on almost any device


Can get viruses

Apps from Google Play and third-party App Stores

High customization

Depending on the device the OS might not be stable

Building Apps is easy, and it does not have to be through the Google PlayStore

Devices can be inexpensive


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