A Medicine Cabinet Full of Fruits and Vegetables

A Medicine Cabinet Full of Fruits and Vegetables

By Lia Threat

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Now that businesses are reopening and more interaction is taking place, I have increased my intake of various foods to help my body stay strong. I believe in a food first approach to boosting the body’s immune system. If you see something new to you, try it!


Foods rich in antioxidants with protective qualities include watercress, onions, cilantro, kale, red leaf lettuce, dark berries, cherries, green tea, apples, broccoli, and citrus fruits. These foods are rich in an antioxidant known as Quercetin. It plays a vital role in protecting the body from oxidative stress on a cellular level. Oxidative stress is the type of stress that damages cells and tissues.

Zinc, which has immune-boosting properties can be found in pumpkin seeds, beef, chicken, lentils, quinoa, cashews, garbanzo beans, shellfish, and sesame seeds.

Foods rich in Sulfur and Glutathione (our body’s master antioxidant) are cabbage, kale, swiss chard, bok choy, garlic, and cauliflower. Don’t forget about Brussels sprouts! Brussels sprouts are great roasted with garlic.

Also, make sure you are getting fresh air, sunlight, and lots of healthy fats from foods like fatty fish, eggs, mushrooms, chia seeds, flax seeds, and walnuts. This will help to increase your levels of Vitamins D and A.

A note to remember: seasonal, frozen, and canned items are great alternatives and more affordable options!

Another item, although not food-related, that you should consider keeping at home right now is an Oximeter. If you have

ever gone to the emergency room or urgent care, you may remember the small device placed on your, or a loved one’s finger while the vital signs were being taken. This device measures the saturation of oxygen in your blood. If you feel like you may have COVID-19, and you or a loved one are having trouble breathing, this is an excellent way to see if your oxygen levels have decreased, which may be an indicator for early stages of pneumonia.  If levels have dropped, call your doctor to discuss results and optimal range for you. Oximeters can be found online and at major drugstores.

Stay safe!

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