The Healing Power Love

The healing power love


By Cristy Cali

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Why am I still so surprised at the healing power of love? On some level, I am not surprised; yet, I find myself witnessing and experiencing situations with so much positive transformation.

Recently, I had a situation in my life where someone spoke ill of me publicly. When I heard about this, I was feeling conflicted, confused and not exactly sure how to proceed. I did not understand why this person would have claimed that I had behaved one way when I knew for a fact this was not the truth.

Despite the fact that my perception of what had occurred was different, it was obvious she had a completely different perception and she truly believed this to be true. This is going on a lot in the world right now, especially in the world of politics. Different media outlets are painting a different version of their truth to millions of people, leaving some people to believe one thing while others simply have no idea what to believe anymore. The defining lines of the truth have been blurred. No wonder there is so much chaos on the world stage!


From a metaphysical vantage point, what matters most is how we respond and what we allow ourselves to feel. After I found out about the incident, I waited at least 24 hours before I responded so I could have time to meditate about the situation. First, I recalled something my metaphysics professor once told me, “What other people think of you is none of your business.” What he meant was, you should not care so much what other people think of you; rather, if you are truly being honest with yourself, what you think of yourself is far more important. I know where my heart is, so I had to accept she did not see me in a way I wished to be seen, but I cannot do anything, nor should I waste my energy trying to change the opinion of someone else. When I meditated, I imagined my heart chakra opening up and connecting with this individual and I had a mental dialogue with her soul. I imagined my soul speaking directly to her soul. I asked her for forgiveness, compassion and understanding. I told her I loved her as a soul sister, and that I meant no harm. I prayed that she be blessed with positive energy so she could experience happiness. Then, I wrote her a letter in response to her accusation where I acknowledged and respected her feelings. I let her know I cared and understood by responding with compassion, while also standing my ground and being assertive.

“even if you believe you have done nothing wrong, believe you can always make things right”

Almost a week went by and each day I thought of her in a loving way. Although the situation had bothered me, I had come to terms and accepted what had transpired and I was in the process of putting it all behind me. Then, to my surprise, this individual reached out to me over the phone and sincerely apologized for their untrue remarks and asked me to accept her apology. If that is not proof of the power of loving energy, I do not know what more I could share with you. This is a real story. This is how love heals and how we can transform and elevate the vibration of the Earth so we may all live in harmony. It begins with us. Even if you believe you have done nothing wrong, believe you can always make things right.

Cristy Cali




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