What’s for Lunch?

What’s for Lunch?

By Lia Threat 

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Packing a Healthier Lunchbox for the Little Ones

The school year is already starting, and many of us are left wondering where our summer went! Make the transition to packing lunches a little more pleasant with some of the following back-to-school tips.

Offer new foods

Often, parents become frustrated with mealtime battles and fall into a pattern of sending the same lunch day after day. To avoid falling into this trap, offer your child new foods multiple times in various ways. It can take more than ten times of trying something before your child eats it! For example, your child may not like blueberries, but he/she may enjoy them in the form of a sugar-free jam. They may not care for raw broccoli but may like it cooked. Does your child spit out their greens? Try greens as part of a pesto sauce with lemon. Changing the method of preparation and adding seasonings can be a game-changer!

Watch the sugar!

Treats are always appreciated but try not to make it a daily habit. Try baking a healthier, homemade option that is naturally sweet – like banana muffins – and store them in the freezer for future lunch-packing.

Skip the juice and provide water!

Drinking water is essential for the health of our bodies and the health of our mouths! Fruit juices and sodas are not only sugary but also acidic. Foods high in sugar and acids can cause damage to teeth while creating the ideal environment for cavities to develop. Transition from juice to water with mint or a few strawberries added for flavor.

Have a great school year!

Lia Threat





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