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Amanda Shaw's New Joie

Amanda Shaw's New Joie

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By Ana Isabel Gil

Louisiana's favorite Cajun fiddler Amanda Shaw releases her new album at a time when everything is on hiatus. The situation of the city, the country and the world move between uncertainty and constant fear, both for the present and the future. Music and art have historically been a tool to connect, to complain, to give our opinion, and share our feelings. And this time is not going to be the exception. We were used to moving in our world so fast that we did not stop to smell the roses, look out the window, listen to a song, read a poem. We were used to just producing. Now there is no other way to do all those things for which there was no time before. Amanda Shaw knows that our life in these moments without art would be up in the air, so she has released her new album to remind us that music and joy are siblings and our allies in times of uncertainty. Here is a letter from Miss Shaw herself:

Bringing joy to Summer 2020 with NEW Cajun music 

Hey y’all,

With so much uncertainty, now, more than ever is the time we come together as a community. While navigating through this unfamiliar space, one thing is for certain – we must continue supporting one another.

As a musician, I know firsthand the healing power of music. I have often reflected during times like these, thinking, “What can I do?” For me, the answer is simple – I can start where I stand by sharing my gift with others.

NEW Summer Music that brings you JOY

The start of summer 2020 is a time of transition, and to me, it feels like a great time to release Joie, my first ever traditional Cajun album! Joie, which simply means JOY, is filled with soul-stirring Cajun music that brings me back to my roots as an artist and gives fans a taste of the Cajun culture we all love about Louisiana. Joie is now available for pre-order by clicking here today. I sincerely hope that Joie brings you the JOY you need in your life!

Mariposas Movement

If you would like to support an amazing cause and add more style to your summer, check out the Amanda Shaw Foundation’s newest initiative, Mariposas Moradas, a beautiful purple butterfly jewelry collection, created by renowned jewelry artist Cristy Cali, and inspired by me. Click here to browse the special pieces that benefit the Mariposas Grant Program, an initiative supporting small businesses with grants through the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana.



I can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve shown me through the years, and I always strive to give love back to this community with my music. My wish is that we continue getting better and growing stronger by supporting one another.

We are so looking forward to Amanda's LIVE performance during the drive-in concert at Bucktown Harbor on July 4th with friends Flow Tribe and Brass-A-Holics. It's definitely going to be a fun one!

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