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New Orleans Premier Bilingual Magazine

Publisher's Note

We are the most fun town in the country. We host the second biggest carnival in the world, with Rio de Janeiro’s carnival taking first place. And as crazy as carnival can get, something that foreigners and outsiders do not seem to get, is that Mardi Gras is very family friendly. There is nothing more exciting than going to Uptown, Downtown, or Mid-City with your children to enjoy the parades. My favorite parades to watch with them are Tucks, Thoth, and Endymion. For someone who grew up in South America and used to love piñata time at kids’ parties, I often refer to the parades as rolling piñatas for the kids, where you can get all kinds of goodies. Which kid doesn’t love that?

The Krewe of Red Beans is one that I will try this year because they are trying to be more inclusive with the addition of Krewe de Mayahuel and Feijao. You can learn more about that here on VIVA NOLA. You can also get some tips on how to prepare to repent by
avoiding meat during Lent, among other interesting articles. Hope you enjoy this edition. Happy Carnival!