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VIVA NOLA Magazine is a print and digital variety publication.

VIVA NOLA is inspired by the culture of the city of New Orleans and the great influence Spain, Latin America, and the Caribbean have had in the city of jazz.

At VIVA NOLA, we believe in the importance of connecting communities. We are on a mission to present a variety of topics and to include a unique Latino/Hispanic perspective. For our cover stories we highlight individuals of Hispanic heritage who make positive contributions to our society. 

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Publisher's Note

It’s 2019!

This is the first time we start a calendar year, and here at VIVA NOLA Magazine, we are so excited about what's coming in 2019. We are fully energized to take on the new year, especially because of new partnerships that are taking place.

Partnering with New Orleans institutions is a big deal for us because they are a testament of how the community in general has embraced our bilingual content, and how we are achieving our mission of connecting communities and crossing over markets. We begin this year planning a special event for late Spring that I think New Orleans residents will absolutely enjoy. I cannot wait to share the details as everything starts taking shape.

With that being said, there are many things that come up between publications, so I highly encourage you to connect with us via social media to stay in the know and find out what we are doing first. We are on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as @vivanolamag, and on Instagram you can find us as @viva_nola. Our main goal for the year is to share and connect more with our audience. We will continue to work hard to become essential to our amazing community.

For now, let the King Cake season and the Mardi Gras countdown begin!

Looking forward to a fun 2019,