Comienzo del Jardín, Día Gratis en el Museo del Niño

¿Tus niños van al Kinder?


No te pierdas “Comienzo del Jardín Infantil”, una actividad gratuita en el Museo del Niño este primero de agosto.


Este evento te brinda la oportunidad de prepararte y dejar atrás el estrés que puede generar este cambio en la vida de tus hijos. En este día especial, el museo tendrá actividades para padres y niños con profesores de kinder que estarán disponibles para guiar y responder preguntas.


El museo ofrece actividades variadas para practicar las habilidades necesarias de los niños de la edad del jardín, cómo atar los zapatos, ponerse y abrocharse la chaqueta, guardar sus papeles en un folder, empacar su morral escolar, cortar con tijeras, y pegar, entre otras.

Además de las diferentes estaciones, habrá en el horario tiempo de lectura, escritura y dibujo, y una actividad  interactiva de cuentacuentos para los niños, mientras los padres reciben una charla por parte de maestros de kinder que ofrecerá consejos y un espacio para preguntas y respuestas. La charla será en inglés y en español, para darle la opción a los padres hispanos que se sientan más cómodos hablando en su idioma.


Los niños también podrán practicar como subirse al bus de la escuela y aprenderán sobre seguridad en el bus. Durante el evento, también se llevarán a cabo evaluaciones auditivas y de habla por parte de expertos del sistema escolar.


El kindergarten es una época especial donde los niños aprenden habilidades básicas para la vida. Por eso, jugar en las exhibiciones del museo y participar en las actividades, les permitirá practicar habilidades como tomar turnos, compartir, pensar creativamente, y ser curiosos para aprender más.


El Comienzo del Jardín espera la presencia de familias hispanas, y tendrán personal disponible para comunicarse en español. Esta es una actividad completamente gratis, el 1ro de agosto a las 4:30 PM, pero debes registrarte con anticipación en este link: Comienzo del Jardín Infantil

¡Esperamos verte en el museo!

The Consulate of Mexico Celebrates 200 Years in New Orleans

The main event was a reception at Gallier Hall on Friday, May 10th, at 7:00 p.m. One highlight of the celebration was the presentation of the prestigious Ohtli Award (Reconocimiento Ohtli) to New Orleans-based artist Belinda Flores-Shinshillas. This award, granted by the Institute of Mexicans Living Abroad from the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the lives of Mexican nationals abroad.

As a symbol of enduring friendship, a tree was planted outside City Hall during another Bicentennial Celebration. Consul of Mexico, Tito Livio Morales Burelo, presented the tree to New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell. The plaque before the tree reads, “Marking 200 years of continuing friendship between New Orleans and the people of Mexico. Tree dedicated on May 29th, 2024.”

To honor all Mexicans who have resided in New Orleans, the Consulate of Mexico and the City of New Orleans also unveiled a plaque on St. Ann Street in the French Quarter. This plaque commemorates Mexican President Benito Juarez and his time in New Orleans. It reads, “Benito Juarez, president of Mexico, lived in New Orleans in exile from 1853 to 1855, 1858. This plaque commemorates his transformative time in the city and the enduring friendship between Mexico and New Orleans.”

Officials from the City of New Orleans and the Consulate of Mexico expressed their happiness in celebrating this friendship and their hope that it will continue for many more years.



Let’s Prepare for Hurricane Season

See how you can help Louisiana families get ready for the 2024 hurricane season.


  1. Create a Family Emergency Plan

- Establish how family members will contact one another and where to meet if separated. 

- Know the local hurricane evacuation routes and have a plan for where you will stay. 

- Remember special accommodations for the elderly, special needs relatives, and pets.

  1. Build an Emergency Kit

- Store essentials: Water (one gallon per person per day for at least three days), non-perishable food, flashlight, batteries, first aid kit, and multi-tool.

- Keep Important Documents Safe: Copies of insurance policies, identification, and bank account records in a waterproof container.

- Remember your prescription medications, glasses, infant formula, diapers, and hygiene items.

  1. Stay Informed

- Use NOAA Weather Radio, local news, or reliable weather apps for real-time updates. 

- Subscribe to receive emergency alert text messages on your phone. 

New Orleans: Text NOLAREADY to 77295, or ESP to 77295 for Spanish alerts. 

Jefferson Parish: Text JPALERT to 888777 or JPNOTICIAS to 888777 for Spanish alerts.

- Follow VIVA NOLA Magazine on Facebook for Updates in Spanish.


  1. Prepare Your Home & Check Insurance Coverage

- Secure Windows and doors. 

- Remove loose items, such as outdoor furniture and decorations, that can become projectiles. 

- Know how to turn off gas, electricity, and water if you must evacuate.

- Avoid flooded areas, downed power lines, and damaged buildings.

- Take photos of any damage for insurance claims.

- Monitor local news for information on safe return and recovery efforts.


By following these steps, you and your family can be better prepared to handle the challenges of the 2024 hurricane season in Louisiana. Stay safe and informed!

Bring Bernardo Back!



Para leer este artículo en español, clic >> ¡Qué Regrese Bernardo!

A few years ago, a Bernardo de Gálvez statue went missing from Canal Street’s landscape. 

Donated by the Government of Spain, the Bernardo de Gálvez Monument was erected in 1977 to commemorate the bicentennial year of the independence of the United States to which the Spanish Governor so decisively contributed.

When work began to convert the World Trade Center Building (“WTC”) into a hotel and residences, the Four Seasons Group committed to protecting the statue by removing it during the construction phase and refurbishing it in preparation for its return to its historical site, guarding the river.

The Gálvez statue is particularly significant to members of the local Hispanic community and all lovers of New Orleans’ rich history.

Bernardo de Gálvez, a Spanish military leader and colonial administrator, played a pivotal role in the American Revolutionary War. Serving as the Governor of Louisiana, Gálvez secured vital support for the American colonies, contributing significantly to their fight for independence. Gálvez’s strategic brilliance and unwavering commitment earned him the “Hero of the American Revolution” title.

In 1777, Gálvez, at 30, became the fifth governor of the Louisiana Territory during the Spanish governance period.

His career was propelled by his father, a general in Central America, and his uncle, a royal minister under Carlos III. The young governor promptly endeared himself to the local colony by marrying Marie Felicité de Saint-Maxent d’Estrehan, a Creole beauty.

Because of his outstanding contributions to our region, concerned residents want to bring Bernardo back and raise the funds necessary to re-erect and relocate the Gálvez Monument on an enhanced pedestal, which the new restoration design recommends and the monument deserves.

Help us bring the Gálvez monument back and ensure its significance endures for generations to come. Your support will help us honor our past, celebrate our present, and shape our future.

Here are the ways you can help:

- Talk to your friends about the monument’s significance

- Get involved. Contact the DAMAS Y CABALLEROS DE NUEVA ORLEANS via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Donate: 

Bank Account Gulf Coast Bank

Routing: 265070435

Account: 101473445

Online: Venmo: @hamaca

Paypal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Fundraising Events: Stay tuned for upcoming exciting fundraising events! 

Check bringbernardoback.org for updates and information.



Don Bernardo de Gálvez y Madrid

- Fifth Governor of Spanish Louisiana (1777-1783).

- Drove the British from the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico, keeping vital supply lines open during the American War of Independence. 

- Gave Louisiana its first military glory.

- Allowed to add the “I Alone” (“Yo Solo”) to his Coat of Arms by King Charles III. 

- Positioned New Orleans as the Gateway to the Americas.

- Promoted to Viceroy of New Spain (Mexico and Central America)

- Named one of only eight persons awarded Honorary Citizenship of the United States, joining singular figures such as Winston Churchill and Mother Teresa.

St. Joseph's Day Tradition

Para leer en español, presiona aquí: Tradiciones del Día de San José

By AnaMaria Bech

Being one of the most important tourist sites in the French Quarter, the French Market holds activities and festivals that reflect the special days in the city and highlight its local traditions, such as Saint Joseph’s Day traditions. On a Saturday close to the religious date, the French Market hosts a celebration where the Italian and Black Masking Indian traditions take center stage.

On Saint Joseph’s Day, the legacy of the Italians, mainly from Sicily in New Orleans, is evident. They moved to the city around 1880 and, to this day, continue the tradition of creating an altar to honor Saint Joseph, whom they attribute to having interceded when Sicily went through a drought that had left its inhabitants without food.

Saint Joseph’s Day is March 19; however, the date may be modified if it falls during Holy Week or another solemn celebration. Traditionally built in the shape of a cross on three levels representing the Holy Trinity, hundreds of altars are displayed in the New Orleans area. An image or a statue of St Joseph holding Baby Jesus is placed at the altar’s center and adorned with flowers. The offerings include cakes, breads, cookies, wine, eggs, fish, produce and foods with particular biblical meanings, including fava beans, which signify luck, as it was the only crop that survived the drought. People who visit the altars can take the food and leave petitions or gratitude messages to Saint Joseph on the altar.

Another tradition linked to St. Joseph’s Day is the celebration of the Black Masking Indians. Historical accounts explain that the atmosphere of celebration prompted the Black Masking Indians to join the occasion to celebrate their own culture and identity, which became a yearly tradition. Over the years, the celebration has become more widespread. Super Sunday was officially established to celebrate Black Masking Indian culture with a parade on the third Sunday of March. Tribes take the streets of the Central City neighborhood to march, sing their songs, dance and meet the other tribes, and display their majestic suits in all their splendor before retiring from public view for the year. 

The French Market ensures that locals and tourists learn about these traditions and provides a space for a St. Joseph altar and live Italian music performances. They also invite tribes of the Black Masked Indians to perform their dances and songs and show their costumes. This year, the celebration of Saint Joseph at the French Market will be on Saturday, March 9, starting at 11 am. It will include information panels, interviews, and cooking demonstrations to teach about these beautiful traditions that are part of New Orleans' unique culture.

Mujeres Chéveres (Cool Women): A Tribute to Colombian Women

Para leer en español, presiona aquí:Mujeres Chéveres - Un Homenaje a la Mujer Colombiana

Through three abstract sculptures and a series of digital illustrations, artist Andrés González prepares for his exhibit Mujeres Cheveres, the final project for his Masters in Fine Arts at LSU.

Mujeres Cheveres is a sincere tribute to the essence of the Colombian woman. The artist found inspiration in influential figures within his family, as he grew up with his grandmother Isabel, his mother Adriana, and his aunt Gissela. “As a feminist man, my journey to conceptualize and execute this project arises from a life immersed in a matriarchal environment,” says Gonzalez.  He noticed an unwavering resilience, a capacity for empathy from the women in his life, and an ability to navigate everyday challenges gracefully in a country plagued by violence.


Within his desire to pay tribute to the pillars of his family, the artist also expresses in his pieces a commitment to gender equality. He always saw in women a unique strength, people who, beyond finding a way to survive, fought to leave a legacy and create a more promising future in a nation with limited opportunities. “I witnessed women’s instrumental role in rebuilding the country, healing war wounds, and guiding the nation toward peace.”

That is why his sculptures, accompanied by a series of digital illustrations, symbolically represent the resilience, dedication and spirit of the women in his family and serve as a tribute to Colombian women. “This project seeks to highlight these valuable contributions, offering a platform for their voices and experiences,” says Gonzalez.

Through his art, Gonzáles also invites reflection on a deeper appreciation of the role of women today and the imminent need to continue the fight to achieve equality in all areas for women worldwide.

Preparing for a Successful Transition: Tips for Students Moving to a New School

Para español clic: Prepararse para un cambio exitoso: Consejos para estudiantes en nuevas escuelas

By Ana García

The 2022-2023 school year ended with the announcement of school closures in Jefferson Parish. A new Infrastructure and Efficiency plan aimed at consolidating several schools in the parish was the reason for the changes in school attendance zones affecting approximately 6,100 students. This article seeks to guide students affected by this drastic change.


Thousands of students in Jefferson Parish have been adversely affected by the school consolidations. With such a radical change, some children and youth may be experiencing various emotions, including anxiety, stress, anger, and perhaps fear. Starting at a new school entails nervousness about building new social connections, managing change-related anxiety, understanding the new academic environment, and the stress of making the most of the available resources to ensure a smooth transition. 

Among the normal feelings students may experience, the displacement of those separated from their previous schools can be extra challenging. They had to leave friendships behind abruptly and already established connections with teachers and staff. For this reason, students must approach the academic year with a positive mindset. Cristina Garcia, a high school teacher from an affected school, says change is never easy. “It is important to think about the positive aspects that can arise from this experience,” she said, adding that entering a new school with a positive mindset is a great opportunity for the academic year to be successful. “It’s a chance to start anew and do better than the previous year.”


To help students cope with the challenges of moving to a new school, establish new social connections, manage change-related anxieties, and understand the new academic environment, Garcia shares some advice:


  1. Speak with your guidance counselor on the first day of classes. Building clear communication with them will help reduce any misunderstandings in the future.


  1. Join clubs or sports: If you don’t like a club or sport, talk to your principal about creating one.


  1. Attend any back-to-school events. It will facilitate meeting teachers and allow you to explore the campus and find your classrooms.


  1. Find a hobby you enjoy to reduce stress and anxiety: Journaling, exercising, meditating, spending time with friends, or listening to music. Make sure to reserve time for yourself. This change can be stimulating and overwhelming, so finding something that helps you relax will benefit you in the long run.


  1. Establish a routine. It will help provide a sense of control and organization and reduce anxiety.


Unfortunately, thousands of students will be in the same situation. However, young people can seek peer support and embrace new beginnings. The final advice from Ms. Garcia: “Always keep an open mind. This experience may be difficult for some, but it can be beneficial and open doors to various opportunities.”

Feria de Trabajo en el aeropuerto de Nueva Orleans

Detalles del evento:

CUANDO: miércoles, 7 de junio de 2023

10:00 a. m. a 2:00 p. m.


DONDE: Aeropuerto Internacional Louis Armstrong de Nueva Orleans

1 Terminal Drive, Kenner, LA 70062

Nivel 1: reclamo de equipaje

Entre las Puertas 3 y 4


OMS: Personas que están emocionadas de servir a los pasajeros y mejorar la experiencia de viaje hacia y desde el Aeropuerto Internacional Louis Armstrong de Nueva Orleans

Cosas que saber:


  • Trae tu currículum.
  • Todos los trabajos están sujetos a una verificación de antecedentes y detección de drogas.
  • El estacionamiento para el evento está disponible en el garaje de estacionamiento a corto plazo. Traiga su boleto para ser validado.

Múltiples ofertas de trabajo en operaciones, finanzas y más.


Finanzas y Administración




  • Seguro de salud que incluye médico, oftalmológico y dental
  • seguro de vida ( $ 10,000)
  • dias de vacaciones pagados
  • licencia por enfermedad pagada
  • 14 vacaciones pagadas
  • beneficios de jubilación
  • La longevidad aumenta
  • Aumentos salariales programados del 2,5 % en 2024 y 2025

Acerca de la Junta de Aviación de Nueva Orleans


los Junta de Aviación de Nueva Orleans (NOAB) es la junta independiente de la ciudad de Nueva Orleans responsable de supervisar y operar el Aeropuerto Internacional Louis Armstrong de Nueva Orleans (MSY). MSY es el aeropuerto más transitado de Louisiana y atiende a pasajeros dentro de un radio de 350 millas que incluye gran parte de Louisiana y partes de Mississippi y Alabama. MSY es el primer y último lugar que muchos visitantes ven cuando visitan nuestra área. Como miembro de NOAB, nuestro trabajo es mantener una experiencia segura y eficiente para los pasajeros.


En noviembre de 2019, el Aeropuerto de Nueva Orleans inauguró una nueva terminal para atender a nuestros pasajeros. En los últimos años, nuestro equipo de aeropuertos ha sido reconocido con varios premios de la industria, incluido el Mejor Aeropuerto de América del Norte (5-15 millones de pasajeros) por los Premios a la Calidad del Servicio de Aeropuertos Internacionales del Consejo de Aeropuertos en 2021 y 2022.


El NOAB emplea a unos 250 empleados de la ciudad de Nueva Orleans. Los empleados que son residentes de Orleans Parish reciben un aumento del salario base del 5%.

El MSY KREWE trae un zumbido contagioso de orgullo, entusiasmo y un brillo único de Nueva Orleans al aeropuerto. Los empleados de NOAB contribuyen al aeropuerto de muchas maneras y reciben salarios competitivos (5% por encima de la base para los residentes de Orleans Parish), aumentos de longevidad y rendimiento, oportunidades de promoción y beneficios de jubilación.

Expresiones de América: una experiencia única

Por Ana García

VIVA NOLA estuvo presente en el avance de la exhibición “Expresiones de América” en el Museo Nacional de la Segunda Guerra Mundial en Nueva Orleans; sin duda alguna, es una de las exhibiciones más emotivas e inspiradoras que hemos presenciado y que auguramos tendrá mucho éxito.


“Expresiones de América” cuenta a través de reflexiones personales las experiencias de hombres y mujeres que sirvieron y sacrificaron sus vidas durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, presentando a quienes de diferentes maneras se enfrentaron en el esfuerzo bélico desde una visión muy íntima de lo que implicó ganar la guerra. Las imágenes reflejadas en las fachadas del edificio, son acompañadas de música, sonidos y efectos especiales que hacen que los asistentes sean sumergidos en la experiencia.


El espectáculo es narrado por el actor y defensor de los veteranos Gary Sinise está lleno de luces y sonido desarrollado por Mousetrappe, responsables de proporcionarnos un sentimiento mágico. La música nostálgica y moderna refleja la cultura de Nueva Orleans gracias a la participación de la Banda Preservation Hall Jazz. 

La tecnología detrás de “Expresiones de América” es indudablemente de primera clase. El esfuerzo del equipo creativo da vida a las historias con cerca de 500 imágenes de archivo y videos. Según el Museo de La Segunda Guerra Mundial, “el espectáculo permite que quienes experimentaron la guerra, quienes la vivieron y otros que no, hablen por sí mismos, que nos hablen. A través de sus palabras, recordamos por qué luchaban y los sacrificios que hicieron para conseguir la victoria”. 

Esta experiencia es presentada por la Fundación Bob y Dolores Hope, que fué establecida para proporcionar y asegurar la continuación de los valores humanitarios y filantrópicos de sus fundadores. Bob Hope fue un actor y humanitario que dedicó gran parte de su vida a entretener a alrededor de 11 millones de tropas de las Fuerzas Armadas hasta la Operación Tormenta del Desierto. Gracias a su trayectoria, Hope fue reconocido por el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos como el primer veterano honorario del país. Es por esto que El Museo Nacional de la Segunda Guerra Mundial incluye en esta nueva exhibición sus contribuciones y legado.

Te invitamos a que seas testigo de esta experiencia americana, encuentres conexión con el pasado e inspiración para el futuro, y aprendas mucho más sobre la guerra que cambió al mundo. Expresiones de América estará permanentemente en el Museo Nacional de la Segunda Guerra Mundial a partir del 11 de noviembre, conmemorando el día de los Veteranos de Guerra. Para más información visita expressionsofamerica.org.




International High School of New Orleans

International High School of New Orleans

The International High School of New Orleans (IHSNO) was founded in 2009 to educate and nurture a diverse learning community through world languages and intercultural appreciation to allow students to succeed in the global economy.  As a Type 2 Charter School, enrollment is open to all Louisiana residents.

As New Orleans’ only downtown high school, it serves students grades 9 through 12 from Orleans Parish and the surrounding metropolitan area. 

The IHSNO is one of only two schools in New Orleans that offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, with foreign languages including Spanish, Arabic, English, Vietnamese, Mandarin, and French. Learning a second language provides students countless benefits, prepares them to participate in a multilingual environment that values other cultures, and allows them to understand today’s complex, internationally interdependent world.

The school also encourages community involvement. For example, in 2020, the New Orleans Downtown Development District and the IHSNO turned a parking lot into a shared green space that the students and the surrounding community use.

The support of local businesses and donors helps IHSNO raise funds required to provide a holistic education that forms their students into compassionate, productive global citizens who positively impact the world.

The IHSNO welcomes new students each year. For information about the school and the admission process, visit ihsnola.org.

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana

Click aqui para español- >La Cámara de Comercio Hispana de Luisiana

Since its establishment in 1994, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (HCC) has been committed to creating and facilitating a business climate within the Hispanic community, bringing economic development and progress to Louisiana. 

With locations in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and the Greater New Orleans area, this non-profit organization has received numerous recognitions, among them being twice named Chamber of the Year by the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 

For its continued success, the Chamber relies on its President and CEO, Mayra Pineda, a Board of Directors of ten members, seven Executive Board Members, and four staff members. These key players provide support in the planning and implementation of services to the community, including Resume and Cover Letter Assistance, Web-Based Employment Training, Interview Preparation, Job Placement, Legal Clinics, Bilingual Workforce Training and Development Programs, Financial Literacy Training, Networking, Digital Literacy Training, Basic Business Skills, Access to Procurement, Access to Capital, Advocacy Policy, Access to Healthcare Education and Healthy Living Practices.

The directors and staff ensure the fulfillment of the chamber’s mission, and the impact of their work is evident with the increased support received within the past few years that has resulted in higher membership levels and sponsorships. 

The HCC offers a friendly work environment with a team that is intrinsically motivated by their work. They are eager to do well in their roles for their satisfaction and the success of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, its members, and the community.



Click aqui para español- >International School of Louisiana

The International School of Louisiana (ISL) is the sole Louisiana State Certified Spanish Immersion School in the New Orleans metro area. The public charter school educates students in Kindergarten through eighth grade across three campuses located in Dixon (K-2), Uptown (3-8), and Westbank (K-5). ISL is the only school to have received the “Charter School of the Year” title by the Center for Education Reform, the nation’s leading education advocacy organization.

ISL was founded in 2000 by a group of parents eager to improve public education in Louisiana. They envisioned a tuition-free, non-selective charter school that would cultivate diversity, inclusion, and equity with the mission to provide a challenging education emphasizing language immersion, international awareness, the celebration of diversity, and community responsibility. As a non-selective school, ISL enrolls a minimum of 53% of students identified as at-risk. This critical work inspires their staff daily, and their passion has gained the school, its teachers, and its students local and national recognition.

The school’s commitment to diversity is evident in its student and teacher populations. A staff of over 200 comprises members from 31 countries and is fluent in 26 different languages. They work together in a family atmosphere that educates 1,100 students from diverse backgrounds, including 43% African American, 29% White, 25% Latinx/Hispanic, 2% Asian/Pacific, and 1% American Indian.

ISL students learn core academic subjects in a full-immersion experience in French or Spanish from Kindergarten through 8th grade and Mandarin Chinese in Middle School. The second language is learned naturally through everyday conversation and classroom instruction. Over 80% of students enter ISL at Kindergarten from English-speaking homes and leave in 8th grade as bilingual speakers, sometimes trilingual.

The International School of Louisiana continues to grow. They are seeking bilingual team members emphasizing Spanish language fluency for Administrative, Teaching, Teaching Assistance, and other Support Service positions, such as Child-Specific Aide, to help continue educating their thriving student population.




Click aqui para español- >POWER ONE ELECTRIC

Seeking new opportunities and ready to tackle the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Jaime Ordoñez, a native of Colombia, arrived in New Orleans to help rebuild the city.

After a few years, he saw the opportunity to fill a need for quality electrical work. He founded Power One Electric in 2008 to serve its residential and commercial electrical clients, obtaining all the permits and certifications required by Louisiana. 

Ordoñez is known for his reliability and meticulous work. He has consolidated a trustworthy team that follows his lead in focusing on the satisfaction of their clients and understanding the need to provide safe, high-quality electrical work.

For almost 15 years, Power One Electric has been a trusted source of power and lighting for new construction and established properties that need installing, updating, and repairing their electrical systems. 

Power One Electric is also the official dealer of Briggs & Stratton Fortress generators, directly resulting from the company’s understanding of the unique weather challenges and power needs in the Gulf of Mexico region of Louisiana. Power-One provides consultation and professional installation of quality generators for your convenience and peace of mind.

Based in Kenner, the electrical contractor has obtained vast experience in project estimation, making Power One Electric an industry leader in commercial work. 

Power One Electric also serves the Greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas. Its next growth phase includes expanding its commercial services to neighboring Mississippi and Texas states. 

Power One Electric provides superb results, and that’s why many national retailers prefer the local company for setting up their electrical systems in new construction sites and remodeling established commercial locations, including restaurants and retail stores. 

Trust Power One Electric with your next commercial project.




Click aqui para español- >El Mercado Francés (French Market) celebra la herencia hispana

The French Market is one of the most visited tourist spots in the French Quarter and extends from the open market (aka flea market), where artists and vendors offer their crafts and New Orleans souvenirs, to the building that houses the renowned Cafe Du Monde. 

New Orleans’ first food market was an informal open-air facility on the levee. The Spanish formalized the market, erecting the first building on Chartres and Dumaine streets in 1783 and relocating it in 1790 to Decatur Street between St. Ann and Dumaine streets. The oldest standing building in the market is what was then the Meat Market, built in 1813 by Gurlie and Guillot based on the designs of the city surveyor Jacques Tanesse.

Years later, in 1882, the new surveyor designed the Vegetable Market, which was built in two phases, with construction ending in 1830. Later, other buildings known as the “Red Stores” were added between the vegetable market and the levee. A bazaar-style shop was also added in the 1850s and was relocated in 1872.

Commercial agreements, tax collection rules, and health codes have been established through the years to regulate the market. In 1932, the city proposed a new franchise agreement for the operation and physical improvement of the French Market. On August 23, 1923, the Businessmen Association established a managing entity, the French Market Corporation. Years later, the corporation became a non-profit organization that still operates.

Today, the French Market District is home to more than a dozen restaurants offering a variety of local food and international flavors. The French Market Corporation also oversees Crescent Park, The Shops of the Upper Pontalba, and parking lots by the levee. 

The corporation hosts fun events, shows, and festivals for the entire family. In 2022, the corporation held its inaugural Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration to honor the market’s history and to celebrate Latino culture with the community. They also collaborated with VIVA NOLA Magazine on a series of videos to highlight their Latino vendors. Other events at the market include the Boo Carré Halloween Haunt, the cooking and live music series Making a Jazz Gumbo, the Saint Nick Christmas celebration, and the famous Creole Tomato Festival held in June.

Tourists and residents can enjoy a day of authentic shopping at the French Market District from 10 am to 5 pm. They can meet artisans who offer ceramics, apparel, jewelry, metal sculptures, leather accessories, wooden handcrafts, handbags, hats, fabrics, paintings, natural beauty products, food, and more. 

For more information about the events and a directory of the stores, visit frenchmarket.org.



Click aqui para español- >LOUISIANA CAT

With 20 locations throughout the State of Louisiana, Louisiana Cat is a fourth-generation, family-owned company dedicated to serving the people of Louisiana and providing the highest quality products and services since its establishment in 1933. In 2023, the company will celebrate 90 years of delivering superior value as a leader in the market. 

In a diverse marketplace with demand for nearly every Cat product application, Louisiana Cat continues to focus on the needs of customers in the construction equipment market throughout Louisiana and global engine markets worldwide. In addition, the company provides customers with support in sales, replacement parts, service, and rentals for construction equipment. Louisiana Cat is also active in the engine and generator business for marine, petroleum, and electric power markets. 

Among its many services, Louisiana Cat also offers a complete line of heavy and compact construction and landscaping equipment, such as skid steers, mini excavators, and backhoes.

On the job site, the customer needs every advantage possible to complete the project on time and within budget. Successful contractors trust Cat equipment and the support they receive from Louisiana Cat.






TruFund Financial, GoDaddy y organizaciones locales se han asociado para brindar capacitación en marketing digital y acceso a capital a propietarios de pequeñas empresas hispanas.


Nueva York, NY - 13 de septiembre de 2022: TruFund Financial Services, Inc. (TruFund), una institución financiera de desarrollo comunitario (CDFI), anuncia hoy su asociación con GoDaddy con el objetivo de cerrar la brecha digital entre los propietarios hispanos de pequeñas empresas al brindar capacitación en marketing digital en los estados de Nueva York, Alabama, Luisiana, Texas y Georgia.


Los aliados están aceptando solicitudes para su primer programa de entrenamiento Empower by GoDaddy en Español. El programa está dirigido a empresarios hispanos cuyas empresas operan en los cinco condados de Nueva York, Alabama, Luisiana, Texas (Houston y Dallas) y Georgia (área metropolitana de Atlanta), y ofrecerá a los asistentes clases educativas, networking, mentoría y productos de GoDaddy para ayudar a crecer sus negocios. 


El programa de desarrollo empresarial está buscando propietarios de negocios que busquen aumentar los ingresos, mejorar la presencia en línea y hacer crecer sus redes. A diferencia de los aceleradores de empresas centrados en la tecnología, el objetivo de este programa es servir a los empresarios cotidianos que constituyen gran parte de nuestra economía de pequeñas empresas. Las herramientas que se ofrecen a través de este programa satisfacen las necesidades de la mayoría: desde comerciantes hasta tiendas familiares.


“El espíritu empresarial es un impulsor clave de la prosperidad y la resiliencia de la comunidad en los EE. UU.; sin embargo, reconocemos que se puede hacer más para crear condiciones en las que los propietarios de pequeñas empresas y los emprendedores no solo sobrevivan sino que prosperen”, dijo la Dra. Kim Carter Evans, vicepresidenta y directora general de TruFund Financial Services, Inc. “TruFund se une con orgullo a GoDaddy y aliados para realizar esfuerzos de colaboración para elevar y empoderar a las pequeñas empresas de la comunidad hispana”.


Los participantes aprenderán y trabajarán junto a líderes de GoDaddy, TruFund y otros aliados dentro de su ecosistema. Los temas incluyen la creación de una marca destacada, presencia de sitio web y comercio electrónico, estrategias de marketing y más. Además, los participantes aprenderán sobre el capital disponible y otros programas que ofrecen los aliados para hacer crecer su pequeña empresa.


Para asistir al evento de lanzamiento y EMPOWER by GoDaddy Bootcamp, reserve su lugar aquí.


"Confiamos en que nuestro enfoque multifacético para promover el acceso al capital, los servicios de asesoramiento comercial, el aprendizaje compartido y las asociaciones intersectoriales impulsará un mayor espíritu empresarial, escala y creación de riqueza entre las pequeñas empresas", dijo James H. Bason, presidente y CEO de TruFund Financial Services, Inc. "Esta asociación con GoDaddy mejora nuestra capacidad de tener un impacto duradero en las pequeñas empresas a las que servimos".



Acerca de los servicios financieros de TruFund


TruFund Financial Services, Inc. es una Institución Financiera de Desarrollo Comunitario (CDFI) nacional sin fines de lucro totalmente independiente. TruFund busca estimular el desarrollo económico en comunidades desatendidas por las instituciones bancarias tradicionales proporcionando capital justo y accesible, asistencia técnica práctica y soluciones innovadoras para pequeñas empresas y organizaciones sin fines de lucro. Para obtener más información sobre TruFund, visite www.TruFund.org


Acerca de GoDaddy


GoDaddy está empoderando a emprendedores cotidianos alrededor del mundo brindándoles toda la ayuda y las herramientas para obtener éxito en línea y en persona. GoDaddy es el lugar al que la gente acude para dar nombre a su idea, crear un sitio web profesional, atraer clientes, vender sus productos y servicios y gestionar su trabajo. Nuestra misión es brindar a nuestros clientes las herramientas, los conocimientos y el personal para transformar sus ideas e iniciativas personales en éxito. Para obtener más información sobre la empresa, visite www.GoDaddy.com



Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations

Felipe’s Fiesta Fest

Sept. 16 @ 3:00pm


Felipe’s Mid-City

3 p.m. – 6 p.m. Otro Quatro
6:30 p.m. Ballet Folkloricio Vive Mi Terra
7:30pm to 10 p.m. La Tran-K Band

Felipe’s Uptown

5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Vivaz Trio

Felipe’s French Quarter

5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Fermin Ceballos

  1. Photo Booth

 Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria will once again host its annual Fiesta Fest in celebration of the cultural observance of Mexican Independence Day on September 16th.  The festivities will showcase food, music and entertainment unique to Latino culture. The event, free and open to the public, will take over all the Felipe’s locations throughout the city and attendees can find more about specific schedules on the event page on Facebook.

Carmen Herrera Celebration: A Collaboration With Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition Presented By The Helis Foundationelipe’s Fiesta Fest

September 15 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Kick off National Hispanic American Heritage Month at the O! Join us at Ogden Museum of Southern Art on Thursday, September 15 to celebrate Cuban-American artist Carmen Herrera


Hispanic Heritage Celebration with Ecos Latinos at NOMA

September 16th At 7:00 Pm - 8:30 Pm


In partnership with Ecos Latinos, NOMA hosts a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration featuring a night of music in the Lapis Center for the Arts. Performers include violinist Ángel Ríos, Bodoma Garifuna drummers and dancers, Patrice Fisher and Arpa, Mariachi Jalisco, and Mexico Y Sus Raíces dance group.

Doors open at 6:30 pm, and performances begin at 7:00 pm.

$10 general admission | $5 for NOMA members



Jazz Museum Hispanic Heritage Month Music Celebration.

Fridays Sept. 15 – October 14 at 2p.m.

El Museo de Jazz de Nueva Orleans presenta la Celebración Musical del Mes de la Herencia Hispana: desde el viernes 16 de septiembre hasta el viernes 14 de octubre a las 2:00 PM, puede disfrutar de presentaciones en vivo semanales mientras celebramos el Mes de la Herencia Hispana. El evento se llevará a cabo dentro de nuestro Performance Center en el tercer piso. La entrada es gratuita y abierta al público; los asientos son limitados y se ofrecen por orden de llegada. Learn more about our program admission policy.

Mexican Independence @ Casa Borrega

September 16 @ 7pm

All Stars and DJ Malaria 7 pm to 1am. La Diva Food truck.



Hispanic Chamber 2022 Excelencia Gala

Sept. 16 @ 7p.m.

The 2022 Excelencia Gala will be held on Friday, September 16th, 2022. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana is excited to be hosting this annual celebration at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans.

At the Excelencia Gala, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana honors outstanding individuals and corporations with its Excelencia Awards in recognition of their achievements, leadership, inspiration, and active engagement with the Hispanic community.

French Market – Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration


Saturday, September 17th @ 11 a.m.

11:00am Julio & Cesar Duo

12:00pm Aquarela 4tet

1:00pm Alexis Guevara and Son Mandao

2:00pm Arpa with the Garifuna Connection & violinist Angel Rios

3:00pm Merengue 4

Food Vendors:

El Gato Negro
La Chilanga
Punto Criollo

For more information, visit https://www.frenchmarket.org/event/hispanic-heritage-month-celebration/



Jerry Rivera Concert


October 8, at 6 PM

Da Empire 2222 Poydras St. New Orleans.

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jerry-rivera-en-vivo-new-orleans-tickets-405190594977?fbclid=IwAR31T1KPScea4X7MOIBHiMGEup1Tl9epLRPrYREqQrKW-zNorsJBd5GV51Y



Que Pasa Fest

October 8 & 9

11am - 9pm




El French Market (Mercado Francés) celebra Mes de la Herencia Hispana

El French Market (Mercado Francés) organiza la celebración inaugural del Mes de la Herencia Hispana

Un celebración de la cultura hispana y latina con comida, música y comunidad

El French Market se ha asociado con Ecos Latinos para organizar la celebración inaugural del Mes de la Herencia Hispana. La celebración tendrá lugar en French Market Flea Market el sábado 17 de septiembre de 2022 de 11:00 a. m. a 4:00 p. m. y contará con programación cultural hispana y latina, puestos de comida selectos y actividades familiares en honor al Mes de la Herencia Hispana.

Ecos Latinos ha preparado un día completo de programación que representa a cinco países. Horario de actuaciones:


11:00 Dúo Julio & César | Guatemala

12:00 Aquarela 4tet | Brasil

13:00 Alexis Guevara y Son Mandão | Cuba

14:00 Arpa, con Ángel Ríos y Bodoma Conexión Garífuna| Honduras

15:00 Merengue 4 | República Dominicana


“Colaborar con el French Market para el Festival de la Herencia Hispana ha sido un placer, debido a la rica historia cultural del mercado y al legado de siglos de contribuciones de nuestra ciudad por parte de sus ciudadanos hispanos. La diversidad, la cultura y la riqueza es de lo que se trata Nueva Orleans... ¡Ven y únete a nosotros en la Celebración de la Herencia Hispana con música en vivo y comida!”, dijo Carlos Valladares, fundador de Ecos Latinos.

La celebración contará los sabores de diferentes países latinos con venta de comida de seis restaurantes locales, incluyendo Numada que ofrecerá rabo de buey, ensalada de arroz blanco y plátanos (los rabos de buey cocinados con salsa de curry, ajo, coco, papas y zanahorias con arroz blanco, plátanos fritos y ensalada de repollo); Ju Saporito con pastelitos de carne molida (carne molida, arroz y papa envueltos en masa de maíz cubierta con repollo morado, pico de gallo y salsa); y La Milpa con pupusas y yuca frita.

“Estamos encantados de asociarnos con Ecos Latinos para llevar la celebración del Mes de la Herencia Hispana al French Market. El French Market sirve como un centro cultural para la ciudad, no solo para eventos, sino también a través de nuestra vibrante comunidad de vendedores y dueños de tiendas de todo el mundo que representan con orgullo a Nueva Orleans. ¡Qué mejor manera de celebrar nuestra diversidad cultural que recibir portadores de la cultura en nuestro sitio para compartir sus historias!”, dijo Jeremy Smith, director de marketing del French Market.

La Celebración del Mes de la Herencia Hispana honra a las personas, las tradiciones y los logros de las comunidades hispanas y latinas en Nueva Orleans. El festival es gratis y abierto al publico.

Para conocer todos los detalles del festival, visite www.FrenchMarket.org.

El French Market District se extiende desde las tiendas en Upper Pontalba en Jackson Square hasta Crescent Park, incluidas las tiendas de Colonnade en Decatur Street y el mercado de alimentos y el mercado de las pulgas. El distrito está abierto todos los días y ofrece una variedad ecléctica de tiendas, restaurantes y eventos durante todo el año.

Contacto adicional: Carlos Valladares, Ecos Latinos

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Sitio web: www.FrenchMarket.org

Instagram: @FrenchMktNOLA

Facebook: facebook.com/FrenchMarket

Facebook: Celebración del Mes de la Herencia Hispana

Hashtag: #HispanicHeritageMonth, #HispanicHeritageMonth2022, #HispanicHeritage


The Beignet Festival and Its Mission

The Beignet Festival and Its Mission

By Ana Garcia

Click aqui para español- >El Festival del Beignet y su misión

There’s nothing like a hot, fresh beignet and a cup of coffee. But, no matter the time of the day, you will always find these tasty delicacies ready to be enjoyed throughout our city. The most popular places selling beignets are Café Du Monde, Morning Call, and Café Beignet. Even some PJ’s Coffee shops are now offering them. We recently found them at PJ’s on Read Boulevard, and they were so tasty!

Beignet is French for fritter. It is a deep-fried, puffy, square doughnut commonly served hot with sprinkled powder sugar. Beignets were introduced in Louisiana by the French Acadians in the 18th century, and in 1986, beignets became the official state doughnut of Louisiana.

The popularity of beignets has grown, and chefs have gotten creative in incorporating beignets into their menus. Such a staple deserved a special honor; hence the Beignet Fest was born in 2016. And with it, an essential purpose.

After learning that their son, Liam, was diagnosed with Autism, Amy and Sherwood Collins decided to create the Beignet Fest to help children like their son and the many families struggling to find programs serving children with Autism. “Through our journey with our son, we found a gap in programs for children on the autism spectrum, and we wanted to change that. So, I decided that creating a festival would help me transition my career. Doing it as a mission-driven fundraiser for local autism programs would help my son and thousands like him in the local community. Thus, the idea of the Beignet Fest was born!” says Sherwood Collins, Executive Director of the Beignet Fest Foundation.

The Beignet Fest is a family-friendly event that features live local music and a fully interactive and sensory-friendly Kids Village for children of all abilities. The founders found the formula for the quick success of the fest. “We take the best of New Orleans culture and entertainment, then wrap it all up in a one-day festival – all for a good cause!”

Traditional beignets are on the menu during Beignet Fest, but this one-day festival is not short of culinary creativity! On this day, you will delight your palate with all kinds of sweet and savory ones. “We have dishes like Crawfish sh and Corn Beignets, Bacon Cheddar Beignets with Chipotle Crema, Praline Beignets, Crabmeat Beignets, a Burger Beignet, Blackberry Cloud Beignets, Bacon Maple Beignets, and on and on.”

The proceeds of the Beignet Fest provide The Beignet Fest Foundation with the ability to create grants. This nonprofit organization also receives monthly donations from people who support its mission. Collins believes giving a little goes a long way. “If one thousand people donate $10 a month, it adds up to $120,000 in support over one year for local children with autism, creating a significant impact in the community.” So Collins greatly appreciates the monthly donors who have joined “Benny’s Buddies.” “It gives me the chills to think that people like you and me – everyday folks – can make such an amazing difference if we band together for such an important cause!” You can become Benny’s buddy by donating to the Beignet Fest Foundation and helping support their cause by visiting www.bennyneedsabuddy.com.

Beignet Fest will take place at the New Orleans City Park Festival Grounds on September 24, 2022, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. To find the menu, music line-up, and all the details of this year’s Beignet Fest, or to become a vendor, go to www.beignetfest.com.

College-Bound Hispanics and Their Financial Stability

College-Bound Hispanics and Their Financial Stability

By AnaGarcía


Click aqui para español- >Hispanos rumbo a la universidad y su estabilidad financiera

There is a lack of basic financial information in the Hispanic community, which makes it even more challenging for youth in this community to achieve their goals. College-bound students are often unaware of financial aid resources and don’t know how to manage their money, so we contacted experts in our community to ofer some information to students, regardless of their immigration status. Ingrid Bustos founded ECCO Centro Comunitario, a non-profi t organization and resource center that prepares students for College. Bustos saw the need to provide resources for students that want to pursue a college or university degree.


An average community college tuition is almost $8,000 per year and a 4-year university costs around $30,000 per year. “For an immigrant family, it’s hard to afford that. So, students will rely on scholarships to attend college,” said Bustos. Obtaining scholarships isn’t easy. Students must work hard. An ACT score of 26 points or above will help the student’s chances of receiving financial aid from some private colleges. However, for immigrant students still mastering English, achieving high scores in standardized testing is harder. 

Bustos mentions private universities usually have a variety of scholarships available. They offer scholarships for sports and arts, community leadership, and foundations. But in Louisiana, “most scholarships are based on high ACT scores,” says Bustos. To find opportunities, students must take charge of their search. New Orleans schools offer a 2-year program called College Track prepares them and helps them find scholarships. In other schools, students must rely on their counselors. “I always tell students to ask for help from their school counselor. Also, you can ask the university counselor when you visit the university. Then, ask what scholarships are available. They should give you a list of the scholarships they o er,” says Bustos about finding available scholarships.

Bustos founded ECCO to help Latinx students in Louisiana. With a bilingual staff, they can guide Spanish-speaking parents and students in navigating the application process. In addition, the organization offers “Camino a la Universidad,” a 12-week workshop to prepare students to apply for scholarships. “Thanks to the sponsors that support our mission, we can provide two hours with a professional to help them in the process,” says Bustos. The requirements for applying depend on the kind of scholarship pursued. “If it is an athletic scholarship, the student must submit a highlight reel of his plays. For an art scholarship, you can send photos of your art. As for academic studies, universities always consider the GPA (grade point average),” she adds.

Another challenge for students is financial literacy. Many Hispanic students don’t know how to open a bank account. Undocumented students are afraid of being flagged when getting into the system. Veronica L Reyes, Louisiana Programming Officer at TruFund Financial Services, Inc. shares valuable information on this topic. “Opening a bank account is not as scary as it seems. You don’t have to be afraid of being deported just for opening an account,” says Reyes adding that doing some research is essential. “What is important to you may be different than what is important to someone else.”

Reyes says some things to consider when choosing the right bank are the size of the bank, personal service, locations in the community or out-of-state, ATMs, etc. These are important to consider as well as the features, benefits, perks, and types of accounts offered by the bank and any monthly service fees and other fees that may apply before opening your bank account,” advises Reyes. Large chain banks usually have more branches in your city and other states, which means you’ll get the same service no matter where you go. This wide coverage can help you avoid fees for using other banks’ services (like ATM fees, etc.) Large banks also o er services like 24-hour helplines for their customers. In addition, these banks usually can assist in different languages and have the best technology. Smaller banks, also known as community banks, tend to be friendlier than big banks. They provide one-on-one attention and o er a variety of accounts and loans that help benefit the community. Community banks are locally owned and operated and usually offer better rates and lower fees. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions, often with a mission to be “community-oriented” and exist to serve their members. Credit unions have made their services more accessible by offering lower fees and partnering with other credit unions to provide shared branch banking and ATMs.

To open an account, you must meet the requirements established by each institution. “First, confirm the bank or credit union’s eligibility and age requirements for opening a savings or checking account. If you are under 18, some banks may require that you open the account with a parent or guardian,” says Reyes. Choose the correct account for you. Different types of bank accounts meet different needs. For example, when someone opens their first bank account, it is either a regular checking or savings account (or both). “It’s important to deposit money into the type of account that suits your financial goals, so you have access to the right spending and saving tools,” says Reyes. Regardless of race or nationality, the youth are our future, and we will continue to provide resources and information for their success.

Economic Development

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