A Pet-Friendly Holiday

A Pet-Friendly Holiday

By Marcella Escarfuller

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The holidays can be stressful for us humans, but what about our pets? We get so caught up in prepping for the festivities that we often forget to help our furry friends adjust to all the extra activity. Here, some tips on making the holidays stress-free for your pets:


Give them a familiar environment

Make sure you have a designated area for your pet. Play soft music or keep the TV going on low volume to help them drown out the holiday commotion. Giving them a place to retreat to will help them feel comforted and safe.

Keep them distracted

Leave plenty of toys scattered around to keep them distracted. Smear some peanut butter inside a Kong toy or place a few treats inside an interactive feeder. The promise of plenty of play and a yummy snack will always keep them happy.

Be watchful

Remember to pay attention to their behavior. If your cat or dog seems to be acting out of character, give them some extra attention and TLC. Chances are, they‘re feeling insecure and need reassurance. Some one-on-one time may be just what they need.

This holiday season, while spending time with family and friends, don‘t forget to include your pets. Introduce them to the celebration gradually and watch for signs of anxiety. They may feel stressed at times, but as long as you give them a safe place, keep them occupied, and remind them you love them, they‘ll enjoy the holidays as much as everyone else.

Adopt Don't Shop

Adopt Don't Shop

By AnaMaría Bech

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According to a survey completed by the American Pet Product Association in 2017-2018, 68% of America’s households, or the equivalent to 85 million families, own a pet. To prevent a proliferation of stray animals around 2.7 million pets are sacrificed in shelters via euthanasia per year, a disturbing reality. The majority of the sacrificed animals could have been adopted and become members of a family willing to provide them with care and love. 

Most animals that make it to the shelters have been abandoned due to a change of circumstances of their owners. Many of the animals that end up in shelters are already used to belonging in a family, so, the shelters’ goal is to quickly find them a new home. 

By adopting a pet, people not only save a life, but they also save money. Most shelters cover the spay and neuter fees and the costs of the first vaccines, and in some cases shelters even provide animals with microchips. The pets up for adoption are ready to go home, all for a basic adoption fee. 

Adopting a pet also serves as a way of fighting against puppy mills that put commercial profit over the well- being of pets. Animals from puppy mills are kept in deplorable conditions without access to health care. People who buy pets from pet shops do not know where the animals come from and could unknowingly become supporters of puppy mills. 

During the adoption days that take place in different parts of the city you can find all kinds of animals that range from animals with pedigree to the strangest and cutest mixed breeds.

When you adopt, there's is only one certain thing: you save an animal’s life and in return, you gain the unconditional loyalty of your new best friend.

*ARNO is a no- kill shelter in the New Orleans area. For more information, or to adopt a pet, visit their website, animalrescue neworleans.org

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