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Time Is an Illusion

Time Is an Illusion

By Cristy Cali

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Fear and anxiety seem to be at an all-time high, not only within ourselves but globally. In the midst of this world crisis, it can be easy to forget how powerful we are as individuals. Our conscious thoughts, and personal energetic state, have a direct effect on the world consciousness.
The future and the past do not exist outside of our own imagination. All that truly exists is the present moment – the now. Anxiety, worry, and fear of what the future holds is a self-generated emotion as a conscious or unconscious consequence.

When we are unconscious about what we expose ourselves to – news, social media, negative people – we are allowing anything to enter the sacred space of our minds. Your input, what you absorb, has a direct effect on your entire being. The information enters your thoughts, and if negative, can stimulate fear, which creates a chemical reaction in your brain that triggers your pineal gland to secrete reactive hormones to protect you in a fight or flight state.
Too much stress, worry, fear, and anxiety will cause your body to chemically overreact; thus, compromising your immune system because it has been overridden with cortisol.  Your body is trying to protect you by giving you a boost of energy to run from a bear, but you’re worried about paying your bills or when you can return to work. You become mentally exhausted and your body is not far behind.

This is the hamster-wheel cycle of living in the future or the past, and not in what matters most – the present moment. So, what can you do to be more proactive about your thoughts?

I have a few tips to guide you in the right direction:

Treat your mind as a sacred space. 
Choose. Your attention is energy. Consciously decide what you want to invest your energy into. Fear is contagious because fear is electrified energy. You do not have to absorb this energy if you have the willpower to choose a counteractive thought or activity.

Breathe consciously. Your breath is what gives life to you and to the trillions of cells that make up your being. Oxygen is your friend. YouTube breathing exercises to explore different techniques to bring you back to the present. This is a great exercise to practice in the beginning of meditation to relax your mind, body, and spirit.

Express yourself creatively.             
Bring back your inner child. Remember that worry-free child you once were? That child spirit within you still exists. Stop taking yourself & others so seriously all the time. Laugh at yourself. Play. Draw. Write. Color. Create. Creativity is how the soul expresses itself and major innovations or inventions are the direct results of this divine creative energy.

Rhythmic motions.
Dance. Exercise. Yoga. Walk. Run. Your body encases the energy of your spirit. When you dance or move your body in a rhythmic pattern, your mind is concentrated on the motion and staying in rhythm. Seriously, have you ever worried about your taxes in the middle of a salsa or bachata dance?!

High Vibe Reads. 
Read a mystery novel, a self-empowerment book, or even an educational textbook about how magical Planet Earth is. Remember, your input determines your output. If all you read all day is nerve-stimulating news, your output is going to be nervous energy, and that’s not fun to be around.

The Bible refers to our bodies as temples, which I strongly agree with. If we treat our bodies as temples and sacred spaces, we are much more mindful of what we choose to expose ourselves to. We always have free will. We do not have to give in to the fear. In fact, I believe we have a responsibility, a spiritual duty, to say no to fear-stimulating energy. The imagination that has the power to create fear is the same imagination that has the power to create inner peace. You may not be able to eliminate fear & anxiety for everyone else, but you can for yourself – that’s where world-healing begins. 

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