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COVID19 has reminded us of the value of our green spaces

COVID19 Has Reminded Us of the Value of Our Green Spaces

Para español clic aquí ->El Coronavirus nos recuerda el valor de nuestros espacios verdes

By Alejandra Guzmán

COVID-19 affected the way we interact in our urban life. When our theatres, concert centers, restaurants, and cafes were all forced to close to maintain social distancing and protect us from the virus, we all searched for other means to recreate. Many of us have found refuge in our green spaces and parks. Although some sections such as children's play areas and sports facilities were restricted, the possibility of enjoying them was maintained as long as social distancing guidelines were respected.

Personally, I will forever remember the iconic chalk drawing that appeared on sidewalks around the entire city, including parks. These drawings became a symbol of our times living with the coronavirus when we had to stay at home and our children found healthy activities. Drawing with chalk doesn't require WIFI or anything other than creativity. These small demonstrations of art reminded us of our ability to stay cheerful. I see parks the same way. Visiting a park in these times brought to many so much joy and maintained our physical and mental health.

The community in New Orleans is fortunate enough to enjoy one of the oldest urban parks in the country. With more than 1,300 hectares, City Park offers a unique experience to millions of visitors each year. From the Botanical Garden, paths for running cyclists and athletes, to amusement parks, this amenity offers something for everyone. My favorite feature of the park is that it hosts one of the oldest families of oak trees. This includes an oak tree that is more than 800 years old.  Although this fact alone qualifies the park as a real treasure, there are many more reasons why we must appreciate and care for our beloved urban park.

For now, what many of us are appreciating is that green areas are a place where the community gathers to interact, recreate, and conduct some physical activity.  This became even more valuable when access to many establishments was restricted by COVID-19. Through recreation and interaction with nature, people of all ages have the opportunity to engage with civic life.  Moving forward, we should make every effort to maintain these places that give so much to our minds, bodies, and spirit.

If you want to get involved in maintaining City Park, be sure to connect with Friends of City Park (https://www.friendsofcitypark.com/). This organization is a regional nonprofit organization whose mission is to maintain and increase the value of City Park as a place of natural beauty, culture, recreation, and education for the public. 


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