The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements

By Carolina Lozada

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The Toltecs, a civilization of thousands of years ago, are known for having a wealth of knowledge. They defined four agreements as a way of living their societal life. These four agreements continue to be relevant today and are used by those who lead their own lives and by those who are in leadership positions and guide others on a day-to-day basis.

First agreement:

Be impeccable with your word


  • To build and motivate others 
  • Towards truth and love
  • Say only what you mean
  • Use your words in a positive way towards yourself and others

When you are impeccable with your words you will feel good, energized, happy.

A former boss of mine used to say, “complaining will not change anything, so why do it?”

Second agreement: Do not take anything personal

When you do not take situations in a personal way, you remove the emotional load it contains.

We all have good days and not so good days, and this influences our reactions, so do not take it personally. You never know if a person is going through a personal storm during that moment of his or her life. By not taking things personally, you prevent falling into victimization behavior.

Third agreement: Always put your best effort

When you give your 120%, you know you gave the best of you so you will not regret anything. You may not see immediate results, but sometimes you are sowing for tomorrow.

Fourth agreement: Do not suppose

Be clear when asking. If you have doubts, if you see a behavior in someone that is of interest to you, ask with prudence. Supposing increases the risk of fabricating unfounded stories in your own mind.

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