Cary Caro PH.D

Cary Caro PH.D

Asociate Professor of Management

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Where are you from? 

Rio Grande City, Texas.

How long have you worked at Xavier University? 

Nine years.

What is the best part about working at Xavier University?

The sense of community that we are able to establish with our peers and with our students. Our small size is an advantage in really building a whole individual.

Why should someone consider attending Xavier University?

While our academic reputation in the Division of Business speaks for itself, we have an incredible placement rate for our graduates. We prepare you academically, and then send you off to wonderful opportunities in industry when you graduate.

What programs are the most recognized at Xavier University? 

The Accounting program at the Division of Business is renowned for placing nearly 100% of its graduates in either graduate school to complete their CPA or in their careers in industry. We are very proud of that here at the Division! 


The Division of Business is a “hidden gem” at Xavier. You should come to know our story and be a part of its writing!

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