Ashley García

Ashley García, Leasing & Marketing Manager - BGPM

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Where are you from?                                                   
New York City

Where do you reside?
Central Business District, New Orleans

What is your favorite place in New Orleans?
I go between newly curated boutique hotels that have preserved New Orleans culture like The Pontchartrain or Hotel Peter & Paul to restaurants with the best brunch and happy hours in town.  Lately, I have grown fond of the New Orleans Botanical Gardens.

What kind of hobbies or activities do you enjoy?
I frequent the local libraries. They are great spaces to get things done and get a smile or joke told to you by a nine-year old. The Rosa F. Keller library is my favorite! I also enjoy dancing with Ritmeaux Krewe!

What schools have you attended?
I studied International Business at Loyola University. I am currently finishing the Civic Leadership Academy class at New Orleans City Hall.

What does your job entail?
I help tenants find a place to call home. I manage the lease search and move in process at BGPM, and I am responsible for leasing our full portfolio, front desk management and marketing.

Why did you get into this field?
I have always had a passion for real estate. I had my real estate agent’s license in New York City when I was 17.
What is your favorite part of the job?
There is something new going on every day. This job takes me to the world. I meet many people and their stories along the road. I can capture special moments and experience historic episodes in life.
How do you support your community? 
I currently serve on board of local non-profit Fund 17. We just opened an incubator within the St. Rose de Lima campus for local entrepreneurs to be serviced. I also assist in advising a women’s organization on Loyola’s campus.

What makes you proud about being in New Orleans?
There are community organizations, panels and events that anyone can attend. You can easily be part of many. Other cities don’t have the luxury of being able to attend a board meeting on one side of town, take a dance class, have dinner and still make it to a concert all after work. This is powerful and truly represents the New Orleans professional/community ecosystem.

New Orleans has been and will continue to transform through change. If you have an opinion about an initiative or a cause, make sure to get involved. Those who impact a positive change in the community welcome all opinions! We can’t do anything if you aren’t out there having these conversations.

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