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Mari Alejos-Puente, CEO Passport Polish

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In just one year, Mari Alejos-Puente’s cosmetic brand company  Passport Polish has gained recognition around the world. Her love for traveling inspired Passport Polish, a solution for artsy instagrammable travel pictures that can now include the perfect  vivid nail polish colors that represent the elements of the various countries in your travel itinerary.

Born and raised in Mid-City in New Orleans to Cuban and Nicaraguan parents, Mari Alejos-Puente is the first entrepreneur of her family, which makes all her relatives extremely proud.

She is well educated. Alejos-Puente has a marketing undergraduate degree from Tulane University, and a Masters in Psychology from Xavier University. Having graduated from these institutions is special, because her mother and her grandmother held jobs their first job at these campus respectively when they first immigrated with no English and limited education.

Before becoming the Passport Polish CEO, Alejos-Puente worked in the medical field, like many of her relatives, until one night, inspired by an entrepreneur friend, she decided to give a chance to creating and devoting her talent, time, and effort to her own business.

She learned how to mix chemicals and colors to make her products, she is back in business school furthering her knowledge, and she is on top of her social marketing game, her online retail, and of fulfilling orders, creating customized colors, and providing her products to customers all over the world.


Passport Polish offers quality products that you can purchase on https://passportpolish.com/

Remember when you are buying these vegan, cruelty-free products, you are supporting the business of a local, inspiring,  fearless Latina.

Find your favorite colors and tag your pictures on Instagram with 



The Caribbean Collection was the first batch of products to sell out! It was inspired by the colors of the countries Alejos-Puente had already visited in the Caribbean, which are also present throughout the city of New Orleans.

The Passport Pout line of lipsticks was launched in January. The colors are inspired by different countries and by the colors of their staple food items: Argentina for red wine, Cuba for “guava and cheese pastelitos”, Nicaragua for the chicha drink.

All the products are created by hand by Mari (she will have to outsource soon) and are vegan, cruelty free, and safe for sensitive skin. 

The Passport Polish Powders are inspired by more exotic destinations. 

You can dip your nails in the bright colors of Bali, Morocco, Brazil, Kenya and St. Croix, among many others, and your travel ready manicure will last around 2 weeks.

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