Can You Make Room in Your Budget for Healthy Eating?

Can You Make Room in Your Budget for Healthy Eating?

By Lia Threat

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One of the top challenges when it comes to eating healthy is the significant price difference between buying processed foods and wholesome, organic foods and wild-caught proteins. Since we are in a transition season, why not try switching up some of the foods that you consume? There are ways to cut back on conventionally prepared and processed foods without breaking the bank! Below, some healthy-eating-on-a-budget hacks:

1 Buy Seasonally

Strawberries in December are always going to be expensive because they are out of season. Eating fruits and vegetables that are in season is not only cheaper but also better for your body. Our bodies change with the seasons, and the foods that we require to nourish our bodies change, too. Think hearty stews, squashes, and stone fruit for colder months.


2 Shop the Sales

Often, seasonal produce is what’s on sale. Shop the ads from local grocery stores and design your meals for the week around what’s cheaper. If you are shopping at Whole Foods, check the Amazon Prime app and shop the day’s Prime deals. Also, Whole Foods has started putting up tags around the store with items tagged, “last chance.” Recently, I scored boxes of raisins for lunch boxes at .89 cents, down from $3.99!

 3 Only Buy What You Need

To prevent excessive food waste, only buy what you will need for a specific recipe. If items are in danger of spoiling, freeze them! Great for smoothies, fruits, and soups.


4 Not Everything Has to Be Organic

Avoid the “Dirty Dozen” produce, heavily sprayed with pesticides, and shop the “Clean Fifteen.” See www.ewg.org for more info.

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