Small Steps to Improve Our New Daily Normal

Small Steps to Improve Our New Daily Normal

By Lia Threat

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So, here we are. Many of us are still wondering what happened to our normal life and when or if our old life will return to the way it was. Our jobs may change, we may lose a loved one or a vital person from our community. Our finances and living situations may be altered, and we may be walking around wearing face masks for months. However, there are ways to retain a sense of normalcy through routine, human connection, and tuning into our fragile emotional and mental state.

I wanted to share a few tips I am implementing to stay sane during 
“Stay at home orders.”

Keep Devices out of the Bedroom
Blue light can be very disruptive to your circadian rhythm. Keeping these devices out of your sleeping environment will make it easier to get to sleep. A disruption in your circadian rhythm can influence mood as well as insulin levels. 

Disconnect to Reconnect
It is hard to disconnect when many of us are working from home. Try to establish a designated workspace and consistent work hours. Even if it is a tiny corner of your home, keeping work separate can be helpful. Be consistent about your hours of availability. Having a schedule gives you something to look forward to when your workday is over and will help to minimize your hours online. Check out apps that disable you from scrolling mindlessly while you are supposed to be working.  

Reconnect with loved ones, especially your elders!
Many are battling mental decline along with loneliness, anxiety, and despair. Volunteering to pick up groceries or prescriptions is a great way to help them feel cared for.  

Practice gratitude daily!
It is easy to look at the negative aspects of the current pandemic and feel hopeless or discouraged. Instead, start your day by writing in a gratitude journal.

Getting fresh air and sunshine is an easy way to lift your mood
Bonus if you get in exercise! Find free workout videos to stay active. You will feel refreshed after a few minutes in!

Wishing health and wellness for all!

Lia Threat





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