Do You Know Your Life Path Number?

Do You Know Your Life Path Number?

By Dr. Cristy Cali


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The moment we are born into this life we are blessed by the stars with specific numbers that represent the energy of our identity – why we are here, the lessons we should learn, the essence of our soul and the personality that others see.

Should you allow yourself the opportunity of being open-minded to identify and understand your personal numerology, you could discover supportive information on your mission to knowing yourself on a level you had not yet explored.

Your personal numerology data is derived from your birth date and the legal name your parents gave you at birth. Your life lesson number is calculated by adding the numbers of your year of birth together, with your month and day. For example, mine is 2/8/1990: Add 1+9+9+0 = 19, plus 2+8 = 29. In numerology you work with numbers 1-9 or master numbers, which are pairs limited to 11, 22, 33, and 44. The last step is reducing the number, in my example 29, to a single digit by adding them together: 2+9 = 11.

If during the process of reducing the number to a single digit you notice one of the master numbers, this means you have bigger responsibilities and challenges since you have been blessed with special gifts, such as a heightened sense of intuition, an inner knowing, intelligence and all around potential. These numbers have their own unique meanings; yet, you may still refer below to the reduced single digit meaning.

Here is a brief description of each life lesson number meaning:

1 You are here to learn to be original, strong-willed, creative and innovative. Pioneer is your keyword. You may be stubborn in the sense that you do not like to be restricted or directed. You are efficient, well-organized and work best alone.

2 You are here to learn to be a good mixer through your gift of persuasion. A career in sales or marketing would be suitable for you. Playing a supportive role behind the scenes is where you excel because you achieve greatness through helping others achieve. Bringing people together is what you do best.

3 You are here to express your creative, artistic and intellectual abilities. You must manifest and see the results of your visions; self-expression and freedom is essential. Beauty, fruitfulness, luxury and pleasure are your keywords.

4 You are here to build a solid foundation on which to base your life, which includes a well-ordered system of conduct and morals. You are a provider through honest, hard work and prefer to save your money, cautioning on the safe side.

5 You are here to express your freedom. Boundaries and limitations hurt your enthusiasm for life. Traveling and learning different cultures or schools of thought fascinate you, which makes you a great conversationalist with lots of knowledge of different things.

6 You are here to learn a sense of responsibility for your family and community. The number six is the love and domestic vibration which requires you to be responsive to the needs of others. This requires a fine balance of self-love and nurturing to care so much for others.

7 You are here to use and develop your mind. Your words should be full of wisdom when you decide to talk. Understand the difference between solitude and isolation. You are going to spend a lot of time alone, but view this as a blessing to experience a deeper connection with yourself and you will experience connection to everything around you.

8 This is the number of power and ambition. This is the number of the executives and bosses. You can encourage and inspire others to be successful. You are here to learn how to handle power, authority and money. You could build a business empire through your desire to create success for your family.

9 You should be the universal lover of humanity, patient, kind and understanding. You easily acquire money and wealth and know how to preserve. Communication and service through leadership is your key. You usually always know exactly what happiness means to you.

If you have a master number, please refer to the blog section on my website for a description of the significance of these numbers, plus more detailed information on the numbers discussed, at drcristycali.com.

Cristy Cali




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