Las Carnitas: A Peruvian Cuisine Destination in Kenner

Las Carnitas:

A Peruvian Cuisine Destination in Kenner

By AnaMaria Bech

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This casual place in Kenner offers the best Peruvian Cuisine in the New Orleans metropolitan area. José Torres has been offering great quality food from his home country for over 12 years.

Torres worked previously in other restaurants in different positions before becoming the chef. After Hurricane Katrina, he began selling food from home and realized he was ready to open his first restaurant, which he did in 2008.


His second location of Las Carnitas opened in 2017 at 3712 Williams Boulevard. The new space can comfortably accommodate larger parties. Central American and Brazilian dishes are still offered on the menu at Las Carnitas, but people who patron the Williams Boulevard location seek mostly its Peruvian dishes.

An airy dining room creates an inviting space where everyone can enjoy authentic dishes of the Incas’ land. Traditional ceviche, fried fish, ají de gallina, causa rellena, lomo saltado and bistec a lo pobre are some of the Peruvian staples served at Las Carnitas. 

Take a look at some of these dishes and make sure you visit this gem in Kenner to judge for yourself the quality and freshness of their traditional Peruvian food.

Las Carnitas is open Sunday through Thursday from 9 am to 9 pm, and Fridays from    8 am to 4 pm. They are closed on Saturdays. 


Pescado Frito

This coastal dish is a deep-fried fish fillet served with white rice, red onion salad with tomato and breaded potatoes.


Lomo Saltado

Cubed sautéed beef with tomatoes, red onions, soy sauce and traditional Peruvian condiments, served with white rice and French fries. This dish has Cantonese influence which is very present in Peru.

Ceviche de Pescado

This is Peruvian’s most recognized dish. It’s usually ordered as an appetizer and it’s made with a fish fillet cured in lime juice dressed with red onions, choclo (corn), and served with yellow and sweet potatos and canchita (roasted corn nuts). It’s a light flavourful dish.


Bistec a lo pobre

This dish from Lima is named sarcastically “poor style beefsteak” because as you can see, it is a rich meal with sautéed beef topped with fried eggs and accompanied by rice, french fries, salad, cheese and ripe plantains. This power dish doesn’t lack any nutrients and it’s delicious.

AnaMaria Bech



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