Step by Step! Let’s Get There!


Step by Step! Let’s Get There!

By Carolina Lozada

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When it comes to new, big, complex, heavy, but at the same time, exciting challenges, as it could be  project at work, or changing your lifestyle, studies have shown that the secret to success lies in  defining a plan and dividing it into small steps, and each time you achieve one of them, celebrate it almost as if it were the end of the overall goal.

An easy way to think about this is to picture a watermelon, for example. The watermelon is big and delicious, but if you were to eat it, you could not do it in a single bite, right? It would be more viable to break it into small pieces and enjoy each one of them.

The key to success is backed by neuroscience. When we achieve these small steps, there is an effect of joy and the brain, in return, gives you motivation, emotion and a feeling of “I can do this and much more.” That’s when you enter the productivity zone. No matter how many obstacles you find, you will feel the confidence within you to move forward, you begin to see mistakes as opportunities to do things differently next time, and suddenly you become the person who achieves the purpose.

Try it. Make of your brain your best ally!

So, what should the steps to eat that big watermelon be?

1.Check if there is previous information about that big project or idea that you want to execute.Investigate!

2.Prepare the plan by dividing it into small activities until you have fully executed it.Write it!
3.Define which are the most important.

4.Check at the end of each step how things are going, what is working, what you can change, what you can do more of, what you can do without. Revise!
5.Give yourself the gift of happiness of what has been achieved. Celebrate!

Carolina Lozada

Writer/ Escritora Lead up


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