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Each year in New Orleans, hurricane season lasts from June to November.

Tropical weather begins with a low-pressure area of circling winds over water. A system can develop into a tropical depression, tropical storm, or a hurricane. Dangers include high winds, heavy rain, tornadoes, flooding, and power outages, which means you should insure your property for both wind and flood damage. You’re probably no stranger to these storms. Still, it’s important to make a plan with your family in case a storm comes our way. This guide offers the basics. There are extra things to consider during an emergency for seniors, young children, people with medical needs, and pet owners. Call 311 to sign up for the special needs registry if you are elderly or have medical or mobility needs. Find more information on ready.nola.gov.


Make a “home kit”

Clean & secure your property

  • Remove debris from gutters • Clear debris from catch basins • Prune trees & shrubs • Bring outdoor furniture & decorations inside • Secure or bring garbage bins inside • Prepare for power & water outages • Fill bathtub with water to clean & flush toilets • Turn fridge to its lowest temperature. • Charge electronic devices. • Preserve cell phone battery life.
  • If you need power for medical equipment, call 311 to register your special needs.

Stay safe & informed

  • Bring pets inside. • Lock doors & windows • Close curtains & blinds. • Stay inside until officials say it’s safe. • Call 911 in an emergency. Call 311 for information. • Storms can be scary for kids. Talk about what’s happening & entertain with games & toys.


Make a “go bag”

Plan your route

Know where, how & with whom you’re going. • Leave with a full tank of gas & plan that it could take four times longer than usual.

Use City-assisted evacuation if you can’t evacuate on your own

  • During a mandatory evacuation, go to an evacuspot. Five of them have extra help for seniors.
  • If you can’t get to an evacuspot because of medical needs, you might be eligible to be picked up from your home. Call 311. • Buses will take you to a shelter outside the area & will bring you back when it’s safe. • Bring only 1 carry-on sized bag per person. • Pets should have an ID collar, leash, medications & a carrier.

Clean & secure your property

  • Remove debris from gutters & downspouts. • Clear debris from catch basins. • Prune trees & shrubs. • Bring outdoor furniture, decorations and garbage bins inside.
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